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London: A Bigger Picture – with Live Musical Accompaniment

Friday 9th June, 7.45pm

Free admission

A journey through the decades of London's outer boroughs on film, featuring fascinating archival footage of Enfield and wider London, accompanied by live music.

This screening will feature the best of films collected for London’s Screen Archives’ hugely successful three year Heritage Lottery Funded project London: A BiggerPicture, many of which have been unseen for decades.

Managed by Film London, London’s Screen Archives is a unique network of historic film collections working together on a common mission.

Storm Patterson, at London’s Screen Archives, says:

“Through our network we hold London’s rich film heritage, from feature films to the tiniest scrap of home movie, with particular strengths in public information films, newsreels, films from industry and business or amateur productions. Individually, these tell personal stories, of how life has been lived: collectively, they tell bigger stories of changing neighbourhoods, patterns of work, travel, commerce, leisure and governance.

Through our work these fragile and often-neglected films can be seen and enjoyed. This precious material has an immeasurable value in civic life, cultural cohesion, education, and well-being. Audiences tell us how moving they find these glimpses of London’s past: such material stirs personal memories, gives a strong sense of place and community, offers the chance to learn about local, regional and film history and is, most of all, a pleasure to watch. The evidential value of these films as primary sources for historians is being realised. Film is ‘the gift that keeps on giving’ and we are thrilled when new generations discover new meanings in the material we share.”

Free admission | Booking essential, book your tickets here

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