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Friday 22nd February, 12-2pm. FREE ENTRY
Dugdale Centre Foyer

Artist Maker Alex McHallam remembers being fascinated by the Lanscroon Murals as a small child growing up in Palmers Green. This is her personal response to them and to Broomfield House and Park. Her work is a playful take on what the Murals meant to a small child with an active imagination - did they move around when no one was looking? Alex's professional work focuses on the importance of history in the present day and causes the viewer to look again at things they often thought they were familiar with. She is particularly interested in drawing attention to places that are in danger of being lost for ever and questions what Society values from the past and how it chooses to look after it. In this exhibition she has taken archived images of the Murals, along with some of her own and combined them into an interactive artwork that she invites the viewer to become part of.

Come and be part of the exhibit!

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