School Sessions and Loan Boxes

School Sessions and Loan Boxes

School Visits to the Museum of Enfield

We have an exciting new programme of School Sessions at the Museum of Enfield, in connection with the new exhibition on Enfield during World War Two. For more information please contact us via email: or call 020 8379 2299

School Loan Boxes

We also provide a range of school loan boxes.

Museum Loan Boxes
Museum loan boxes are managed by Museum of Enfield and cover a wide range of historical periods and themes including:

Anglo Saxon:
Includes replica items from the Anglo Saxon Period.

Enfield during the First World War:
Includes what life was like on the home front and for Enfield soldiers. Sponsored by The Enfield Society.

These artefacts help students to look at similarities and differences between the toys of today and those of the past, to understand the concepts of old and new, and to think about the changes that have occurred within living memory

Household and homes*:
These artefacts help students decide what we can learn about homes in the past, to understand the concepts of old and new, and to think about the changes that have occurred within living memory.

Artefacts from the time before the Roman invasion of AD 43. Developed by the Museum of London.
Iron age & Stone age: Replica items from the daily life of the Iron age and Stone age periods including arrowheads and tools.

Ancient Rome*:
Focuses on areas such as work and leisure, food, communication, economy, health and beauty.

Victorian Enfield*:
Focuses on the characteristic features of Victorian times and on the lives of Victorian children, as well as how as well as how the area has changed over time.

World War Two:
These artefacts help students learn about the effects of World War Two on people and children in the local area.
Britain since 1948: the Windrush Years*:
Ornaments, recipes, magazines and fashion from the late 1940s and 1950s that focus on life from the point of view of the first big wave of immigrants from the Caribbean. These artefacts help students develop an understanding of social, cultural and technological change in post-war British society.

There are special education programmes around our current exhibition "Enfield At War 1939-45" for more information clickhere

Ghana and the transatlantic slave trade:
Contains traditional and modern Ghanaian artefacts, products of the slave trade and some items of restraint. These artefacts help teach many aspects of the slave trade, including its origins and the lives of slaves, as well as its eventual abolition.

Small loan boxes:
These boxes cover a wide range of smaller topics, including:
- The Blitz
- Currency
- Looking Good
- Metals
- Numbers
- Sewing and mending
- Tiny toys
- Old toys
- Wartime Food
- Writing
Courtesy of the Clore Duffield Foundation.

*We have two of these boxes in order to be able to supply more schools, and there is a very slight variation in the contents.

Schools: £20 a large box, £15 for a small box
Independent Schools and community groups: £25 for a large box, £20 for a small box
The cost includes:
• A box of museum artefacts of your choice for a 1 month period
• Advice on how to use the resource

All school loan boxes must be collected from and returned to: Library Resources Unit, Ground Floor, Bowes Road Library, 269 Bowes Road, N11 1BD.

If you wish to borrow a loan box, please email stating the boxes and dates you require and we will get back to you to arrange this as soon as possible.