History of Your Property

History of Your Property

History of your property

If you want to find out the history of your house, our Local Studies team can help.

We have resources to help date your house:

  • Maps, including enclosure, Ordnance Survey
  • Directories
  • Books
  • Electoral registers
  • Building plans
  • Auction catalogues
  • Photos
  • Local newspapers We also have resources for identifying past residents:
  • Electoral registers
  • Census
  • Directories
  • Wills
  • Rate Books Note that not all resources will be available for every house.

A few tips

  • Start with what you know and work backwards. Road names and house numbers can change several times and it can be difficult to make sure you have the right building if you jump back too far.
  • Check if your house is listed. English Heritage records a brief overview of the date of construction and main features of every listed building in England.
  • Check your title deeds if you have them.
  • Ask neighbours who have lived in the area for many years for information.
  • Look at your house. Sometimes there is a date on the building. If not, perhaps a nearby house of a similar style has a date.
  • Take a photo of your house. This makes describing it to others much easier

Useful websites