EN_FOOD Suppliers

The En_Food Cafe is part of a vibrant new food culture in Enfield dedicated to promoting locally sourced sustainable produce, encouraging a healthier diet, a healthier and circular local economy and a more sustainable world!

If you are a local food producer or food business and you would like us to stock your products please don't hesitate to get in touch with our head chef Ben at ben.murphy@enfield.gov.uk, or just pop in and have a chat.

Take a look at our suppliers below.

Forty Hall Farm

Forty Hall Farm is a certified organic farm situated on the historic Forty Hall Estate in Enfield. It’s run by Capel Manor College, the only further education college in London specialising in learning about the environment.

Follow the link to FORTY HALL FARM

Holtwhites Bakery

Holtwhites Bakery is run by husband and wife team Richard and Kate on Chase Side in Enfield. Their baked goods are handmade using the best quality ingredients and traditional, “slow” baking methods which means that the products look, smell and taste great naturally.

Follow the link to HOLTWHITES BAKERY

Union Hand Roasted Coffee

Union Coffee is roasted in East London and was founded on the principle of marrying high quality speciality coffee with responsible sourcing, making coffee better for everyone from drinkers to farmers.

Follow the link to UNION COFFEE

Il Gelato Di Ariela

Il Gelato Di Ariela is made in Edmonton in the London Borough of Enfield and is Italian Gelato, the artisan way, using only the best natural ingredients, real fruit and banning all artificial flavourings and colourings.

Follow the link to IL GELATO DI ARIELA

Kupros Dairy

Kupros Dairy, based in Cheshunt, use a traditional farming method passed over generations within their Cypriot family. They are an example of a local business that is booming. As well as us they now supply to Ottolenghi and Oklawa in central London. Their Halloumi and Feta is seriously good!

Follow the link to KUPROS DAIRY

Chegworth Valley

Chegworth Valley make the most delicious pressed fruit juices at their farm in Kent. Their juices change with the seasons from apple and Rhubarb in late Autumn / early Spring to Apple and Strawberry in the Summer months.

Follow the link to CHEGWORTH VALLEY

Enefeld Brewery

Enefeld Brewery is home to several delicious local craft brews. From IPA's to Porters, they have an excellent range and make an excellent addition to our local alcoholic options.

Follw the link to ENEFELD BREWERY

Wrights Flour

Wrights Flour, located near the Lea Valley in Ponders End have been milling flour in Enfield since 1867! It is an absolute honour to work with a business which has contributed so much to the local economy and culture in Enfield for so many years. We hope these chocolate shortbread biscuits do them justice!

Follow the link to WRIGHTS FLOUR

Peatchey Butcher

Peatchey Butcher are located in Grange Park and supply us with the most amazing pork from Great Garnetts Farm in Essex. Our Chef Ben and Butcher Alex often have a quick catch up during deliveries as they are both about to become dads! That's the magic of local!

Follow the link to PEATCHEY BUTCHER

Enfield and North London Dairy

Based in Enfield, Enfield and North London Dairy are your local milkmen. They deliver our milk every morning and ordering is done by phone call or text. Old school.