The EN_FOOD Cafe and Bar has arrived in Enfield Town serving delicious homemade food and drinks using locally sourced ingredients and made in house by our Sustainability focused Head Chef Ben Murphy.

  • The En_Food Cafe is Open Monday to Saturday 10am - 3pm.
  • The En_Food Presents...Streetfood Pop-Up Bar is open serving mouth-watering cuisine every Friday between 6pm-9pm.
  • The En_Food Bar is Open every evening when there is a performance in the Theatre from 6.30pm

The Dugdale Centre sits right at the heart of Enfield's Cultural life and there is nothing more important than what we eat and drink. The En_Food Cafe is part of a vibrant new food culture in Enfield dedicated to promoting locally sourced sustainable produce, encouraging a healthier diet, a healthier and circular local economy and a more sustainable world!

We have exciting new choices every day that represent the seasons as well as permanent fixtures that are always on the menu. Check out our menus below:

Come in and check us out.

EN_FOOD Gallery

You can read more about the Enfield Food Forum below and also check out the Blog of our Chef Ben Murphy.

En_Food Presents ... Farina

EN_FOOD Presents… Every Friday evening from 6 we serve up the most exciting street food and cocktails in town. Our brand new concept, Farina serves up fresh homemade Italian food using the finest ingredients Enfield North London has to offer!

Check out our menu here! For more information click here or make your reservation below

enfood.reservations@gmail.com or 0208 887 7319

All Day Menu

Available all day at the EN_FOOD café our All Day Menu is full of delicious home-made treats, all homemade or locally sourced. Our Sandwiches & toasties are all made on bread supplied by local artisan bakery Holtwhites with quality fillings from local suppliers


Union Direct Trade Coffee Menu

We use 'Speciality' and Direct Trade Coffee from Union Roasted who hand roast their beans in East London. Check out our upcycled coffee menu in our cafe!


En_Food Thoughts with Ben Murphy

Our Chef Ben Murphy is constantly developing new ideas. You can keep up-to-date with Ben by following his new Food Blog.

Get Up to Date with Ben Murphy's latest thoughts

Enfield Food Forum

EN_FOOD is part of the Enfield Food Forum, a network of food businesses based in Enfield dedicated to creating a sustainable and healthy local food culture.

Follow the link for more information - ENFIELD FOOD FORUM

Our Suppliers

EN_FOOD strives to source locally produced products by local suppliers where that is possible to encourage a circular local economy and a more sustainable world!

Follow the link to see OUR SUPPLIERS