The Visitors’ book at The Hidden Treasures Exhibition

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Sept. 21, 2018, 9:10 a.m.

Inside the Hidden Treasures Exhibition, there is a Visitors’ book; here people have the opportunity to leave their thoughts on the exhibition.

Visitor’s book comments:

· ‘Excellent, great work’

· ‘Excellent exhibition! I learned a lot even though I felt I already knew much about Broomfield House’

· ‘Love the new exhibition’

· ‘Beautiful exhibition – very interesting’

· ‘Just wonderful! Fantastic job and really well presented!’

· ‘The exhibition is excellent and brought back so many wonderful memories of… Broomfield House + Park in the 1950s/60s!’

· ‘Wow for me a fabulous nostalgic exhibition of Broomfield Park!’

· ‘I love this museum!’

· ‘A lovely exhibition and interesting films and displays’

Come see for yourself and leave us a little note on all the wonderful “Hidden Treasures” here at Broomfield. Find out more here

Don’t miss it, from Saturday 28 July 2018 - Sunday 6 January 2019

Opening times: 10am-6pm

Location: Museum of Enfield - The Dugdale Centre, 39 London Road, Enfield EN2 6DS

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