The Incredible Shrinking Man: An Exhibition by Ajay Trashy

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Nov. 15, 2016, 1:22 p.m.
Ayjay Trashy returns to the Gallery at the Dugdale with a second exhibition of his extraordinary miniature works following his first ever Solo Exhibition “Sugar Trashy” in 2014.

Ayjay Trashy is very much in the Outsider Art genre of artists - self-taughtnaïve art makers with little or no contact with the mainstream art world or art institutions, often illustrating extreme mental states, unconventional ideas, or elaborate fantasy worlds.

Over the past two years Ayjay has been striving to create work that is ever smaller and finer. The finer his art becomes, the longer it takes to produce and the larger the work looms in his imagination. It is almost like a meditation with paint, with many characters that appear again and again in the works including Mickey Marilyn”.

AyJay is colour blind which forces him to use bright bold colours. He is impelled to work on a miniature scale and use as many images in the piece as possible to create a busy and bright piece.

AyJay paints on found objects, things that will be discarded. He originally started painting on napkins when he used to drink cappuccinos in cafés, until he realised that he was allergic to coffee! As he never seemed to get a napkin with his tea he started creating images on sugar wrappers and tea bag tags and slowly but surely created more images on other found and used objects. AyJay mainly relies on his photographic memory and uses things he sees in the outside world as a basis to incorporate ideas from his own mind.

AyJay was brought up in North London, in Tufnell Park where he first learnt to create art. His Aunt Jose used to look after him, and gave him various art projects from the age of three. He was also looked after by his grandma, who used to take him around Camden, Kentish Town and up the Archway. A lot of what he saw in those early days still inspires his work to this day.

AyJay has his work displayed in the “Book Art Book shop” in Hoxton in East End, where visitors can take a look at his work on a daily basis. He also now has a book produced by this company which is available to buy.

AyJay finds Enfield an exciting, inspirational and creative town.

November to Saturday 7th January. Free admission from 6.30pm.

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