Sleeping Trees Arrives at Dugdale!

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July 12, 2017, 2:33 p.m.

The birth child of Monty Python and the League of Gentlemen”★★★★ Time Out


MAFIA? (2014) Trailer:

In the first instalment of the movie trilogy, Sleeping Trees deliver their version of every

gangster film they’ve ever seen; Mafia? Expect casinos, operas and bloodshed as the

Banucci brothers find themselves in a situation stickier than most luxury cakes.

You can almost visualise the blood splattering across the prison showers” ★★★★ Fringe Guru

WESTERN? (2015) Trailer:

This time the Sleeping Trees find themselves slowly crisping under the sun of the Wild

West, as gun-slinger Harry Sudds takes on bulls, scorpions and many other animals

largely found in America.

"With a script that steers left field of convention and indulges every whim, Sleeping Trees

have created a lawless comedic style of their own" ★★★★★ Broadway Baby

SCI-FI? (2016) Trailer:

Winner:Arts Voice Pick of the Fringe 2016 | Finalist: Amused Moose Comedy Award 2016

All good trilogies must come to an end, and Sleeping Trees boldly choose to end their

movie trilogy with Sci-Fi?At a time where ancient planet Plutopia rules the galaxy, farmer

Charlie Sprog is dragged from his quiet home planet and given one simple mission:


"Another physically elastic, impeccably scored and endlessly energetic trawl through

genre's murky waters" ★★★★ Fest Mag

"A blockbuster hour of cleverly scripted fast laughs and energetic comedy" ★★★★★ The List

“A company set to rocket to stardom”★★★★★ Three Weeks

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