Artist Spotlight - Write2Speak

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April 1, 2021, 9:57 a.m.

We are excited to have Write2Speak as This month’s Artist Spotlight!

Tyler and Yossi met at Chickenshed theatre in college and have been running workshops together since 2016. Together they make Write2Speak.

‘We create and deliver spoken word workshops and events for young people and adults from all walks of life’

Write2Speak are inspiring and their work in making art and spoken word accessible to all uplifts the community.

Tell us a little about yourselves?

Tyler: I’m an all-round creative, professional actor, singer and workshop facilitator who enjoys spending time outdoors and has a big love for all things culinary.

Yossi: I’m a professional spoken word artist and educator. I produce films and projects and I love keeping busy. My main passion outside of creative and community endeavours is mountaineering.

Where can we see your work?

Tyler: In ‘Holby City’ on BBC every Tuesday or ‘I May Destroy You’ on BBC iPlayer.

Yossi: I’ve got 2 singles from my upcoming EP out now on YouTube, Spotify, iTunes etc and the project will out everywhere on Friday 30th April… You can find our Write2Speak work on – We’d encourage you to check out the films we’ve made with young people in the gallery section.

What creatives have inspired your work?

Tyler: All of them, I don’t have any specifically, but I’m inspired by other people who uplift the community.

Yossi: Many poets and educators, particular artists like Kae Tempest, Kojey Radical, Harry Baker and educators like Christian Foley.

Why do you live and work in Enfield? What’s great here?

Tyler: I’m native to Enfield so it only makes sense that the work I do with Write2Speak and other community organisations starts here. I love the cultural diversity in Enfield and the fact that we are able to learn from one another.

Yossi: Likewise. I think it’s hugely important that we strive to continue leading the way for other boroughs in London when it comes to supporting young people and creativity.

What would you like to see more of in Enfield, culture-wise?

Tyler: More outdoor engagement for people of all ages.

Yossi: I totally agree, and I think we also need more free, high quality creative education / apprenticeship schemes. The work of organisations like Chickenshed and Platinum truly change the lives of young people and we need to make these opportunities accessible to more young people by continue to build organisations which support people like we are with Write2Speak. You can book to join our weekly zoom workshops through the Dugdale Centre box office.

If you would like to learn from the wonderful Yossi and Tyler, then Join Write2Speak’s weekly zoom workshops, the link to book is here:

Thank you again to Yossi and Tyler from Write2Speak for this month’s Artist Spotlight please follow them on social media and check out their website:

Yossi Goodlink | Instagram: @yossi_spokenword | YouTube: Yossi Spoken Word | Facebook @YossiSpokenWord | Spotify: Yossi

Tyler Luke Cunningham | Instagram @tylerlukecunningham

Write2Speak | | Instagram: @Write2SpeakUK | Twitter: @Write2SpeakUK | Facebook @Write2SpeakUK

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