Artist Spotlight- Sissy Lea

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July 14, 2021, 2:15 p.m.

As the Arts begin to resume around the Country following the COVID-19 Pandemic, we talked to some of Enfield’s local artists about their experiences working within the community and our wonderful venues.

This month, we welcome the sensational Sissy Lea from Sicily – a local Drag Queen who has been a huge supporter of the Arts and Culture in Enfield and London. She is a prominent supporter of the LGBTQ+ Community and whose show packed out the Dugdale Centre in February 2020. She is known by her fans as ‘Queen of Enfield’

Q: So Sissy, tell us a bit about you

Sissy: Sissy Lea, from Sicily, is a London based drag queen and the Queen of Enfield as described by her Enfieldian fans. She is a crowd pleaser: I make it a point to make every single person at my shows have an unforgettable experience.

I sing live and like to be camp and sassy and anyone who has seen me perform will know that. And I do like a costume change!

Q: Where can audiences catch your spectacular performances?

Sissy: You can see me performing at Zippola in Enfield and The Quebec in Marble Arch, as a FunnyBoyz Queen and all over the UK and Europe...when safe and possible of course!

Keep an eye out on my social media for any upcoming performances, such as the monthly Drag Brunch at Zippola.

Q: Who or what has been your greatest inspiration?

Sissy: I inspire myself darling! Joking aside, I am inspired a lot by my country of birth, Sicily. I like to bring the Italian flare to my shows and I am inspired by the people I meet on a daily basis.

Q:Having lived and worked in Enfield, how has the community and the area responded to you?

Sissy: I’ve been welcomed with open arms by the people of Enfield, firstly when I opened Zippola and then with the introduction of Sissy Lea.

I’ve lived in Enfield and worked in Enfield and I love this community. Each show that I perform here has always been exceptionally well received and I genuinely feel the love and support.

Q: Thinking about the current programme for Arts and Culture in Enfield, pre and post pandemic, what would you like to see more of?

Sissy: Enfield already provides a great programme of cultural events throughout the year. What I would like to see is more visibility for LGBTQ+ artists and community.

Q: Following your sell-out show in February 2020 at the Dugdale Centre, what do you think of our venue and the whole atmosphere.

Sissy: Well, as you said, I performed at the Dugdale last year just before the first lockdown. It was an unforgettable experience. The atmosphere was electric and I loved being so close to the audience. The Dugdale Centre is literally at the heart of Enfield and now this amazing space is serving to provide life back to our community.

Q: So, what is next for Sissy? And if our readers would like to keep up to date with your exploits, where can they do this?

Sissy: Well darling, I am very excited to share with you that I will be/I have released my debut single “CAMOUFLAGE VEIL”, on May 22nd and it is available for download now on all recognised platforms!

You can find me on instagram: @sissylea.queen on Facebook: Sissy Lea, on Youtube: Sissy Lea and of course on all music platforms with Camouflage Veil.

Q:Sissy, it has been a joy to talk to you. You radiate such light and positivity and we cannot wait to have you back with us at the Dugdale Centre. Until then, best of luck for your new single and your upcoming performances!

We're also excited to announce that Sissy will be performing at Enfield's A Month of Sunday's! Don't miss out!

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