My Evening with Talkies Community Cinema

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Dec. 2, 2016, 1:40 p.m.

Guest blog by Amelia Gill.

I am always interested in trying new things and seeing what events are available. Living locally my whole life I was excited to see what a film night with Talkies Community Cinema at The Dugdale Centre has to offer. Here's what I found at my evening with Talkies Community Cinema...

Talkies Community Cinema is a volunteer led not-for-profit organisation. They aim to bring communities together through film events. Adding something different to each event they are no longer just films. Opportunities to dress up have inductions from film experts and refreshments enhance the film experience.

Walking into the theatre auditorium feels cosier and more unique compared to a typical cinema, giving it the perfect atmospheric setup for a different film night.

At this event they were showing Much Ado About Nothing (2012) Dir Joss Whedon. Talkies Community Cinema started off the evening by giving us insight into the director and the film. This really shed light on the film and reminded us of the work and artistry that goes into film making. This allowed everyone to watch the film from a different perspective and with more understanding.

Joss Whedon was best known for co-writing Toy Story (1995) and Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997–2003). Talkies Community Cinema continued to discuss popular TV and the relevance of Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s script. Describing how it challenged perceptions of female characters in popular TV and its quality of script writing. After further discussions about Joss Whedon’s previous works we were given insight into his interest in Shakespeare. Stating that he would often have the actors at his house reading the script. Josh said when the time is right he starts to direct a film.

The right time came along after directing The Avengers (2012). The producers insisted between the long shooting schedule and extended period of post-production that he had a short break. Instead of relaxing on a beach, Josh created Much Ado About Nothing on a 12 day schedule, with experienced actors familiar to him but not exactly stars and completely set at his home in Santa Monica. This information provided an abundance of understanding and allowed us to appreciate the film more.

After looking at Much Ado About Nothing’s representation throughout the past 500 years, everyone was excited to see how Joss Whedon’s black and white, Shakespearean text and modern setting film would come across.

We were not let down. The film was a great choice by Talkies Community Cinema. It was funny, relatable and interesting. With great acting and great interpretation of the script it was easy to follow for both avid Shakespeare watchers and newbies.

‘It was my first trip to see a Talkies Community Cinema film. It was informative and enjoyable… truly amazed that something like this was so local. Loved my handout.’

Judith, Enfield resident.

You can find Talkies Community Cinema at The Dugdale Centre in the New Year.

Thursday 5 January – Of Horses and Men (2013)

Thursday 2 February – Mustang (2015)

Thursday 2 March - Untouchable (2012)

Film fanatic or not it makes a lovely evening out…perfect for those looking for something different to do.

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