A ‘toyrrific’ end and one amazing prize

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April 24, 2018, 4:39 p.m.

To wrap-up the success of The Terrific Toys exhibition the competition winner has been awarded their prize.

Run in conjunction with Pearsons Toy Department in Enfield Town, The Museum of Enfield is proud to close in a ‘toyrrific’ style.

The competition ran throughout the duration of The Terrific Toys exhibition, making the prize long awaited for.

‘He visited the exhibition with his school, and was delighted to hear he had won’ Freddies Mum

7 Toy buses in the exhibition had a letter attached. To win, Freddie had handed the correct anagram of this letters to the Toy Department in Paersons. The word, in trend with the theme was ‘Toyshop’.

‘He was up early getting his hair ready, really excited to collect the prize’ Freddies Mum

The Prize awarded was approximately 50 schleich animal toys, worth over £100 altogether!
One very happy young boy walked out of the Dugdale that day.

First the first time the Museum of Enfield at Dugdale, has a programme of fantastic talks and tours taking place over the summer! Find out more here.

From left to right: Stacey Bagdi (Museum Officer) Freddie (Competition Winner) Christine Redford (Toy Department Paersons).

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