Join Chloe for our Summer Drama Club in the Culture Palace Theatre!

There'll be games, mime, role-play, improvisation, character development and lots of fun!

Tuesday 2nd August - PYJAMA DRAMA

Leave your t-shirts and jeans at home as it's time to do some drama in your pyjamas! We will be teaching your little pickle valuable theatre skills while being comfortable and cosy!

Thursday 4th August - MIME DRAMA

Join our fun-filled mime drama class! Help your Little Pickle build their confidence and awareness of self and of others, while at the same time stimulating their imaginations!

Thursday 18th August - HISTORICAL DRAMA

We will be using our favourite Little People Big Dreams collection, to re-create moments in history! Your Little Pickle will engage interactively with the past, to re-enact and explore historically significant moments, people, situations and events!

Sessions at 10am-12pm

Session length: 2 hours

*These Workshops are drop off*

Ages 6-11

Tickets: Per day: £12.50/ additional siblings £6

Book here

Dates and times:

Tuesday 02nd August 10.00am - Thursday 18th August 00.00am