Exploring art is one of Sally’s favourite passions and she is particularly inspired by nature.

After having spent time on the beautiful island of St Lucia, where she has family, she particularly enjoys bringing the vibrant colours and brilliant light of the island into many of her paintings.

Animals have always played a special part in Sally’s life and are a source of artistic inspiration. Having previously volunteered as a Big Cat Leeper in a wildlife conservation park, she was fortunate to work closely with tigers, lions, jaguars, leopards and other breeds of big cats - all of which appear frequently in her work.

Using a range of different media, such as acrylics and soft pastels, allows Sally to show many sides of her artistic qualities, primarily her fluidity and bold colour palette. She likes paintings to invoke a feeling or emotion in others.

During the lockdowns, painting was a vital daily ingredient in lifting her spirits. At 77, she continues to enjoy her life with family and friends as well as her art. The artist lives and paints in Enfield.

Dates and times:

Sunday 01st May 12.00pm - Sunday 08th May 12.00pm