Mama G's Story Time Roadshow is an all-singing, partial-dancing extravaganza filled with stories about loving who you are and being who you want - all from the wonderful mind of everyone's favourite story telling dame.
Mama G is going to share some of her most fabulous creations such as Little Roar, the fashionista dinosaur; Bonnie, the bunny who has lost her bounce and Eunice the unicorn. There'll be lots of singing, joining in and most importantly: sequins - so put on your most fabulous rainbows and get ready to party with Mama G!

Running time: 50 minutes

All ages welcome!

Tickets: Adult - £8.50 Children - £7.00

All adults must be accompanied by a child.

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'Everyone's favourite pantomime dame. '
- Metro

'Mama G’s stories are sprinkled with tales of inclusivity and acceptance.'
- The Guardian

'Mama G is the perfect host for these charming stories. She is sensationally endearing, sparkly and witty. The show is perfectly suited for all audiences and we as a family adored it. Now – Everybody say Love!'
- LondonTheatre1

Dates and times:

Saturday 20th August 11.30am - Sunday 14th August 00.57am