An exhibition by Patrick Samuel

13 February - 27 February 2022

Culture Palace -Palace Gardens Shopping Centre, Enfield

Patrick Samuel takes his love for colours and viewpoints and amplifies it through the
prism of his autism to bring us an exhibition of paintings with a new take on
expressionism, cubism and modernism.
Patrick Samuel is a musician, visual artist and public speaker based in Palmers
Green. The neurodiverse creative identifies himself as an advocate for autism
awareness in all that he does.
During the Covid pandemic, Patrick has used the time to paint new pieces, record
new music, and plan a comic book series focused on an autistic character.
Expressions features never-before seen paintings by the artist as well as a few
pieces by his long-time mentor and creative partner, Uwe Nietzold.
Dates and times:

Sunday 13th February 10.30am - Sunday 27th February 10.30am