Welcome to the Enfield Poetry Walk One an exciting event created by the artist/poet Giovanna Iorio using poems written and recorded by Enfield’s Poets.

By following the Echoes route (see below) you can follow a route with 17 audio spots that play a recording of a poem.

Each poem is about or relevant to a particular place in Enfield Town.

To follow the walk, you first have to download the free app onto your Smartphone

Go to the App store and search for “Echoes Interactive Sound Walks”. It is suitable for both IOS and Android phones.

Echoes App
Echoes App

Once downloaded look for nearby walks and choose “Enfield Poetry Walk One”. Click on it and a map of the walk will appear on your screen.

The audio files play when you walk into the blue bubble the first of which is outside the Culture Palace.

When the recording has ended simply walk to the next audio spot.

Poetry Bubbles
Poetry Bubbles

Do not forget to stop the walk. This can be done by clicking on the three horizontal bar icon top left of the Echoes screen.

  1. Bright Stars – Christine Vial
  2. The Cedar – Valerie Darville
  3. London Road – Anthony Fisher
  4. Enfield – Karina Vidler
  5. Doubting Thomas – Alan Murray
  6. Precinct – Christine Vial
  7. Planting Trees – Mary Duggan
  8. The Silver Fish – Valerie Darville
  9. Denmark May 5th, 1945 – Anthony Fisher
  10. Conical Corner - Ruth Hanchett
  11. Is this to be the Year - Anne Alexander
  12. The New River Loop – Jo Cooper
  13. On Gentlemen’s Row – Cheryl Moscowitz
  14. Ginko Baloba – Jayne Buckland
  15. The Churchyard – Anne Alexander
  16. Poet’s Corner – Anthony Fisher
  17. Chartrefest – Anne Alexander
Enfield Poets
Dates and times:

Tuesday 26th April 00.00am - Saturday 31st December 22.00pm