Come Closer - An Exhibition of Drawings by Taz Gray

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Oct. 2, 2020, 4:23 p.m.

‘Come Closer’ An exhibition of drawings by Taz Gray.

14 September - 10 October 2020 10am - 5pm
Dugdale Centre, 39 London Road, Enfield , EN2 6DS.

Taz's drawings reflect how she sees her surroundings; drawing spaces and buildings boldly but balancing them with intimate details urging you to take a closer step forward.

Her drawing focus started last summer but since the world had to stay home this year, it provided her with an opportunity to get looking. Limited to her immediate surroundings, she found interest in the lines and shapes of the urban landscape. Through drawing, Taz hopes it becomes possible to start engaging with the local landscape from a new perspective.

‘Come Closer’ will showcase works created during March-July 2020 which are mostly created in fineliner on brown paper. Viewers will see familiar places around Edmonton, Tottenham and the wider Enfield area.

Taz has a close connection to her community in North London launching Tottenham Art Group in 2012 for like-minded locals to meet, discover and enjoy cultural activities within the borough. In 2014 this evolved into the ongoing Tottenham Art Classes where she provides people the opportunity to draw and create through the varied sessions and courses she organises.

With over 12 years professional experience of working in the arts, Taz enjoys the flexibility of being a ‘table’ artist and isn’t sure where her drawing will lead. For now, she’s going to explore new narratives and continue her observational journey.

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